Jeroen van Hoof

Hello, my name is Jeroen van Hoof. I am a graduate student in Computer Science and Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology and I work as a software developer at Wolfpack.


August 2017
Joined the Wolfpack
Started working as a software developer at Wolfpack.
March 2016
Started master
Started a master's study of Computer Science & Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology .
March 2016
Bachelor's degree
Received Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (Web Science) at the Eindhoven University of Technology.
July 2015
Started work at Ilysian
Started working as software developer at Ilysian.
Nov 2014 – Jan 2015
Student assistent Web Technology
Worked a student assistant for the course Web Technology, where students were taught technologies, languages and frameworks, such as SOAP, REST, HTML5, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap, AJAX, PHP, NodeJS, Python and Django.
June 2011
Graduated highschool
Finished high school at Willibrord Gymnasium Deurne, in Science & Technology and Health & Nature.



Optimus, an automated machine learning tool with OpenML integration for reproducible results.

Elysium CSS

ElysiumCSS, a SASS/CSS style guide.


Calllock Customer control panel, a control panel for resellers of Calllock's vehicle share service, built with Laravel, AngularJS and Sass.


Balmoral cigars, a website built with PHP, HTML5 and Sass.

Skin Perfection

Skin Perfection, a website built on Wordpress.

CS Kochysteme

CS Kochsysteme used to be a website which front-end had a lot of problems and had become very hard to maintain. I have rewritten the front-end from scratch in a maintainable, logical and consistent architecture, fixing the problems and making it responsive along the way. Unfortunately, I was limited to copying the old design, and in the end, a better design came along.


Travelmatch, a smartphone/tablet app that creates a TravelDNA based on the liking and disliking of travel images. The mobile app was built with Cordova, AngularJS and Less and communicated via REST with a Django server.


Jumper, a platform game built with Phaser that teaches you how to program.

The Cycle

The Cycle, a point and click game built in HTML5, illustrations are made by me using Inkscape, and I developed a large part of the front-end of the game.